Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Week 2, Day 3 - Week 3, Day 1 (6th and 7th overall)

Week 2, Day 3:
Didn't have a chance to hit the blog after this run. I was busy enjoying the weekend. Anyhow, it went well. The only trouble I had was finishing up a steep hill, which maid me want to collapse in a sweaty pile of goo. But, I kept going, and finished the run as scheduled.

Week 3, Day 1:
Last night was the first day of the new week, introducing a 3-minute continuous run. Being the first day after two days of rest, it wasn't very tough at all. In fact, the 3-minute runs made the 90 second runs seem much, much shorter. Not only that, but the total time of the run/walk was less than the first two, so I was back inside much quicker.

The weather was markedly cooler than it has been for any of the runs thus far. It was after a nice thundershower, just after dusk. It was really very pleasant.

The one concern I've been having lately is the pain in my feet. It is on the outside of the foot under the ankle, mostly my left foot. It has been pretty sore on the day-after, like today, but does seem to feel pretty good a couple days later when it is time to run again. A little Ibuprofen seems to do the trick as well. I hope this is just muscles that are not frequently exercised, and not the beginning of an injury or problem. It's more of an ache and not a sharp pain, so I am optimistic.

All things considered, the program is progressing quite nicely, and my Five Fingers are holding up well. A night of rest and then I'll be on the road again.

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