Monday, July 12, 2010

Update from the Doc

Today I went in to get a check up, and asked the doctor (actually a nurse practitioner) about the ankle. She did some pressing on it, asked if it hurt when she did this and that, and had me roll the foot around, etc. She told me that it is most likely tendonitis. She recommended a particular ankle brace from the drug store, basically just an ACE bandage in sock form, that is very tight fitting. I am to use that while I jog, and even at work if the ankle still bothers me the next day. Also, I am to ice the ankle immediately after the run, and keep taking ibuprofen. So, basically, I have been doing everything correctly already. Instead of taping the ankle, I will just slip this brace on and be on my way. It is very thin and has a cut-out for the heel, so it won't affect the fit of my KSOs.

But, the best part, is that I don't really risk any further damage by continuing to run. So, I am going to start week 4 anew. If anything, this small break from running will probably only make me stronger and more equipped to handle the program. Very good news.

Week 4, Day 1 re-run (clever?) is tomorrow. I am excited/nervous. Let's hope things go smoothly.

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