Monday, July 5, 2010

Week 3, Run 3 (9th overall)

Two nights ago was the third and final run of week three of the Couch to 5k program in my Vibram Five Fingers.

Music: A self-made mp3 including Metallica for running segments and The Beatles for walking segments.

Weather: After sundown, so it was about 78 degrees. Very pleasant.

This run/walk wasn't my best, and it is all because of the pain in my left foot, below the ankle. After browsing the web, I have concluded that I have some issue with the peroneal tendon, possibly a peroneal dislocation. My ankle does click when I walk, and the pain becomes amplified when I try to run. I took ibuprofen before the run which helps with the swelling. By the last running segment, I was really having difficulty with the pain, which angered me because everything else felt great. My knees have no issues, and my lungs were treating me well also.

After the run, I iced the area, put my foot up, and just rested. This really seemed to help the pain. I am going to see the doctor about this issue, but until then, I think I will try an ankle wrap when I run, followed by the RICE technique. That's about the only way I can deal with it. I am not wanting to stop running, since I am doing so well. And I am really looking forward to the new week 4 challenge tomorrow night. We will see how it feels after that one. I'm a little nervous about it...

Last night was a beautiful 4th-of-July holiday, complete with fireworks and beer. Tonight is more resting.

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