Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Week 4, Run 1 (10th overall)

Last night was the first day of week 4, which introduced two 5-minute running segments in addition to two 3-minute running segments. Let me say, it felt as if there was a step missing between week 3 and 4 because it was much, much harder than I expected. There is far more running time, and far less walking time. In fact, it is the first week with less walking than running. Up until now, it has been about even. All that being said, I finished the run, and it felt great.

There are a couple reasons why I did a good job last night. The first is the music. I made an mp3 mix of The Offspring and Alice in Chains for the run. I ran during The Offspring, and walked during Alice. I was particularly inspired by the last walking segment of the run, before the final 5-minute running segment. It was "Rooster" by Alice in Chains. "Ain't found a waaaaay, to kill me yeeeeet. Eyes buuuurn, with stingin' sweat. Yeahhhh, they come to snuff the Roosterrrrr, ah yeah. Yeahhhhh, here come the ROOSTERRRRRR, YEAHHH!!!" And then it was time to run. They still ain't found a way to kill me. :)

Another reason for the successful run was the physical preparation I did for it. I had a powerbar an hour before. And I took a couple ibuprofen to help the pain that I've been having in my left foot. I also bought some athletic tape and wrapped the ankle. All that being done, I was more than ready to succeed. It just goes to show that if you set yourself up to succeed, you will. It's that simple.

When they tell you to drink water before a run, they don't mean chug an entire glass 5 minutes before you hit the road. I had a bad case of the water-burps which, while you are running, feel like you are about to vomit. It was very distracting. Luckily I managed to complete the run without getting sick.

The day after the run brings me the same ache in my left foot that I have been having. The wrapped ankle helped me get through the run okay, but apparently didn't stop the injury from hurting today. I have a doctor's appointment on Monday the 12th, so I will ask about the foot, see if there is anything I can do about it. I also have a nice blister on the heel of the right foot. I assume this is just due to the increased workload, and will toughen up just like the other blisters I've had.

Tonight I will be doing this simple core strength program. It is designed for runners and should only take about 15 minutes. Hopefully it will help me in the future, if I stick to it.

That's about it! I am glad I conquered this run, as I was worried about it. Now my only concern is the foot pain. Please go away pain!!!

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