Thursday, July 15, 2010

Week 4, Run 1 Re-run (12th overall)

After getting the news from the doctor that my foot pain was only tendonitis, I started running again. I had only missed 1 day from the week, but decided to start week 4 from the beginning.

It went well. The ankle brace that was recommended to me fit nice and tight, and kept the pain down during the run. The ice I applied post-run kept the swelling down and allowed me to sleep peacefully. The next day at work, the foot was hurting like usual, but tonight, it feels really good.

I am optimistic that if I keep applying ice after my runs, and wearing the brace, that I will be able to complete the program.

As for the run itself, it was pretty good. I felt a little out of breath at times, probably due to the extra time off since the last run. All things considered, it went well, and I felt great afterwords. It started to rain during my cool-down walk, which cooled me off, and made me happy. A sign from above? You be the judge.

Tomorrow night is the day 2 "re-run". Bring it on!

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