Friday, July 16, 2010

Week 4, Run 2 Re-run (13th overall)

Again, this run hurt my foot. I had my ibuprofen, ankle brace, and it still hurt like hell. This is surprising to me because I just did this same run two days before and the foot felt fantastic. After this one, I was limping home.

After I got inside the house, I began to have some major chills. This is probably due to the air conditioning in conjunction with the foot pain. It just made me feel sick. It also might have been a result of not cooling down enough after the run. I did the 5-minute cooldown walk, but I still had a pretty high heart rate by the time I got home. Next time I will probably sit on the porch in the summer air until I recover, and then go inside.

The only thing I could do when I got inside was lay down in bed. I wanted to do my post-run stretches, but I just felt awful. My beautiful wife offered to get me a bag of ice for my foot, which I accepted. The ice really helped. I would have gotten it myself, but like I said, I didn't feel like doing anything.

Today at work the foot aches, but not as bad as last night. So that's a good thing. I suppose this is how it will be. I am not going to stop running because of this. The doctor said I didn't have to. So I won't.

The only thing I can think of that caused it to hurt more this time was that I ran a different direction, with lots of hills compared to the relatively flat route the opposite way. It is strange, but going downhill actually hurts more than going uphill. It is very difficult to not get a heal-strike when going down a hill. The last running segment was uphill, and I ran it hard. The foot didn't hurt at all during that part. Go figure.

One more week 4 run to go and then it is on to week 5. C'mon, foot. Give a man a break!

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