Friday, July 23, 2010

Week 5, Run 2 (15th overall)

Just got out of the shower after doing this run, got my foot on ice, and could not be happier. I kicked this runs ass! It consisted of two 8-minute running segments with a 5-minute breather in between. I was nervous about it, because I had previously only done 5-minute stretches. I was pleasantly surprised by how well I did. I actually wanted to keep going when it was over! It caught me off guard a little when my music changed to the "run is over" segment at the end.

If I learned anything tonight, it is DON'T NEGLECT THE HEEL. Barefoot running (or minimalist running with vibram five fingers) is all about the fore-foot strike. And it is true, the forefoot hits first. But the heel must come down! I realized tonight that I have been running too much on the front of the foot, leaving the heel often never touching the ground. I started bringing that heel down tonight, and it is amazing how the arch of your foot just propels you forward. You literally don't have to put any effort into pushing off. It just... does it. And when your feet are doing the work for you, you can go much farther and longer than otherwise.

I haven't put it in the blog, but I have been taking a bottle of water with me on my runs. It really keeps my throat from drying out, which in turn helps me breathe better. Of course, it keeps you hydrated too. So that is a big help.

I have another schedule change at work that will keep me from my Saturday night run, so I am going to do the final run of week 5 tomorrow night, without a day of rest between. I know this is not recommended on a regular basis, but doing it just once shouldn't be a big deal. It is a doozy, though. It is a continuous 20-minute run. We'll see how it goes!


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