Thursday, July 29, 2010

Week 6, Run 1 (17th overall)

I did this one last night instead of on Tuesday like usual. I had the day off work Tuesday and for whatever reason just didn't feel like doing it. It was the first one I missed due to laziness, and I felt bad about it.

Anyway, I did it yesterday (Wednesday) instead. It was two 5 minute runs and an 8 minute run with walking segments between them.

After having a whole 4 days off since the previous run, I was going pretty slowly on this one. My calves were burning pretty good and I was sweating like crazy. It was after sundown, but still around 90 degrees outside. Breathing wasn't too difficult, but I did get a stitch in my side at one point, which indicates that I wasn't getting enough oxygen.

My calves are pretty sore today, in a way that feels pretty good, like they are getting stronger. They even look to have gained some definition. So, that's exciting.

Since I delayed doing the first run, I am going back-to-back again and doing day 2 tonight after work. It is two 10 minute segments, so I hope I can finish. Considering I pulled off the 20 minute continuous run last week, I think I will finish this one relatively easily. Let's hope so.

Onward I go!

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